Industrial Workwear Overalls

View our wide range of Industrial Workwear Overalls for both Men and Women.

Hanging Pocket Overalls

Let us lighten your load. It is not very unusual that you carry your tools and devices in almost every pocket or loop you have available. All this weight can get really heavy, that’s why it is very important to have the most suitable and comfortable workwear. That is why our Hanging Pocket Overalls have durable waist straps – not added just for the looks, most importantly it provides to distribute weight across the body.


Easy protection. Of all the different types of workwear available, coveralls are some of the most convenient to use. Designed as a one-piece garment, they fit loosely over clothing, meaning workers can easily put them on and take them off. Perhaps their greatest benefit is their ability to protect pretty much the entire body, from the wrists right down to the ankles. Stylish look is just added value!