Industrial Workwear Jackets

View our wide range of Industrial Workwear Jackets for both Men and Women.

Winter Jackets

Light but warm. Staying warm during cold months doesn’t mean you have to wear heavy weight clothing. Light but high quality polyfill used in our winter jackets keeps you warm, but at the same time offers you light and comfortable working conditions. The more layers you wear the more freedom of movement you need. Articulated action shoulder makes working more comfortable.

Denim Jackets

Back to Denim. Check out our stylish Denim Jackets for an on trend fit. The details in our Denim Jackets look more like work wear jeans jacket than just a jacket. You can wear it at work and casual.

Work Jackets

Durability, multi-functionality and safety, what else you can ask for your work jacket. Perhaps looks and fashionable – this all comes with the same package when you choose our work jackets.

Summer Jackets

Why to balance between functionality and looks if you can have them both. Our Summer Jackets have both style and look in always fashionable black colour, yet without compromising functionality or performance.

Softshell Jackets

Technical work jackets can be very expensive which makes your selection even more difficult. Selecting the best one for your needs, will get you the best return on your investment. Based on feedback from the customers and our sales figures we dare to say softshell jackets are the best value for your money. Best available material – reliable warmth and soft working comfort in amazing stretchable fleece.