Hi-Vis Jackets

View our wide range of Hi-Visibility Safety Jackets for both Men and Women.

Hi-Vis Summer Jackets

Climate with long springs and falls but also cool summers, sets the challenge for choosing the right protection from the elements. Our Hi-Vis Summer Jackets protect your body from the wind and light summer sprinkling. During the warmer day, wear it over your t-shirt. With the right mid-layer, it keeps you also warm. No matter the weather – it keeps you visible!

Hi-Vis Softshell Jackets

Stay warm and visible in His-vis softshell jacket. High quality membrane allows water vapor from perspiration to exit while preventing additional moisture from the elements to enter.

Hi-Vis Winter Jackets

Staying warm during cold months doesn’t mean you have to wear heavy weight clothing. Our light but high-quality winter jackets keeps you warm but at the same time offers you light and comfortable working conditions. The more layers you wear the more freedom of movement you need.

Hi-Vis Fleece Jackets

What could be more convenient fabric to use for workwear than 100% polyester microfleece that is cuddly soft against the skin and keeps you warm. As a synthetic material, fleece jacket does not absorb the moist. It is also breathable and lightweight. From our experience It’s a great jacket when working outdoors.

Hi-Vis Hoodies

First Hooded sweatshirts were made to provide athletes and laborers added protection and warmth. Whether looked as utility garment or fashion trend, is here to stay. Our full zip Hi-Vis hoody looks great and is very comfortable and easy to wear.