Advanced Apparel’s long experience in business-to-business solutions has made us a true expert in value added services. Online management tools, drop shipments, reporting and automated processes are all created to get the pieces where and when they need to be, while keeping the costs down at the same time. We customize our service to each client separately on an a la carte basis. You choose the services you need, and we’ll make it happen.

Your employees are your representatives. Wherever the job takes them, they need to be recognizable as the professionals they are. Therefore, well-made and good-looking work apparel is not only important for your employees but also for everyone else.

Advanced Apparel’s product development and design processes always include brand alignment as an integral part. We make sure you are happy with how the pieces look, not just how they feel and how they function. We can incorporate your colours and logo elements into the designs and make sure they communicate about your brand just like they should.